Diego Rivera: Murals for the Museum of Modern Art

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This book was published for the eightieth anniversary of The Museum of Modern Art's first exhibit of Diego Rivera's work in October and November, 1931. Rivera was the second artist to be exhibited there, Matisse being the first several months earlier. Rivera's work at age 45 drew record numbers of crowds to the new museum in New York, more even than Henri Matisse at age 62. The book is full of excellent quality figures and plates of many of the murals that were on exhibit. Rivera went to New York ahead of time and actually painted several of the murals on the spot. Since he had been a member of the Communist Party and had spent time in the Soviet Union, and had also come out of the era of the Mexican Revolution, his political views were evident in his work. Because he painted one of the Rockefellers in one of the murals in a bad light, that particular mural was destroyed.