Joseph Beuys: Every human being is an Artist

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Every Man Is an Artist investigates Joseph Beuys’ (1921–1986) voluminous output of multiples. For Beuys, multiples were a vehicle for communication, discussion and debate--a means for disseminating his philosophy beyond a collector audience and putting broader progressive ideas into circulation. From 1965 to 1985, Beuys produced almost 600 multiples in a variety of media, many of which incorporated felt (his signature material), and including graphic works, found objects, photographs, audiotapes and films. While other artists focused on creating games or do-it-yourself performances, Beuys’ pieces generally function as didactic tokens of a larger spiritual agenda, such as a set of wooden boxes in which people may store their thoughts. With a wealth of reproductions (120 in color), this volume offers a concise overview of Beuys’ politicization of aesthetics and the distribution of art.