Bike Art: Bicycles in Art Around the World

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There is an element of fanaticism in bicycle culture rarely seen among the varied forms of locomotion. A love affair of sorts develops between rider and bike, with all the constituent parts: obsession, devotion and longing. In extreme cases, hospitalization is required - among the more restrained, bicycle becomes muse, inspiring great works of art in a variety of media, all in an attempt to capture the spirit of the infatuation. Bike Art pays homage to our two-wheeled friend, presenting works created on walls, canvases, paper, pedestals, bikeframes, skin and clothing by an international team of artists including TALIAH LEMPERT, JANET BIKE GIRL, MONA CARON, BORIS INDRIKOV, DZINE, MATT W. MOORE, ANDY SINGER, MIKE GIANT, DAVID GERSTEIN, MARK GRIEVE & ILANA SPECTOR, BIKE 2.0, AZOR, I BIKE, KEVIN CYR, OLEK, DUANE FLATMO and more.